Pet Laparoscopic Surgery in Irvine, CA

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional surgery, which requires a larger incision and more time for healing. At Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital, our laparoscopic procedures involve techniques and technology similar to those that have been used in human surgery for over 25 years. We're pleased to offer this less-invasive and more comfortable form of treatment to our patients.


What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

With laparoscopy, we make several small incisions instead of one large incision to perform the surgery. For example, with the LOVE spay, we place small ports through the incisions, and use delicate instruments to carefully remove the patients’ ovaries. The uterus is left intact, as there is no need to remove it. The hormones responsible for causing uterine infections and cancers are all stored in the ovaries.

How does This Surgery Benefit My Pet?

Whether we're performing a soft-tissue or orthopedic surgery, laparoscopy allows us to visualize the treatment area in better detail and carry out the procedure with more precision and safety.

This, in turn:

  • Reduces blood loss and trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Reduces time spent under anesthesia
  • Can cause up to 65% LESS pain when compared with a traditional spay surgery
  • Results in faster healing and a faster recovery for the patient
  • Reduces the patient’s risk for infection
  • Reduces healing time and requires only 2-3 days of activity restriction, as opposed to the typical 7-14 days (though your pet’s incisions still need to stay dry for 7-14 days post-op)

Should My Pet Undergo Laparoscopic Surgery?

If you would like to know more about our minimally-invasive surgery and what to expect, please call us at . We look forward to putting your mind at ease and helping you make the best decision for your pet.