The Angel Fund: Pet Donations to Help Those in Need

Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital is proud to partner with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation to help pets in need of care. The generous pet donations we receive through the AVMF all go towards the costs of treatment for animals. We call this the Angel Fund, and through it we aim to support abused and/or neglected animals, and families or individuals who are unable to afford the necessary care for their sick or injured pets.

At Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to do all we can to help our patients and their families. We pledge to say “yes” at every opportunity to provide aid to those who need it. Our team recognizes and cherishes the bond shared between humans and animals, and the Angel Fund honors that bond.

Make a Donation Today

Join us in supporting animals who need our help. To make a donation, click on the link below, and you will be directed to our AVMF donation page. We’re grateful for your contribution!

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