Dog and Cat Surgery in Irvine

Your pet may need to undergo surgery at some point during their lifetime, either as part of their routine care or to correct an acute or chronic condition. We understand that you will likely have many questions about the procedure, your pet’s safety, and the total cost, and we will be glad to provide you with all the answers you need. Our dog and cat surgery services are performed under the safest, most sanitary conditions with the most advanced surgical and monitoring equipment available. We never proceed into surgery unless we have examined your pet, run blood tests to create a profile of their internal health, and determined that the procedure will improve their quality of life.

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What You Can Expect

Once we have determined that your pet is healthy and can undergo surgery, we will advise you to withhold their food and water 12 hours before their procedure will take place. At drop-off, we will obtain your consent, answer any other questions you have, and prepare your pet for our surgical suite. Their vitals will be monitored through the entire procedure, and they will receive fluids and other medications as needed to keep them comfortable and stable.

In recovery, an assistant will stay with your pet to make sure they awaken safely, and keep them comfortable with warm blankets. When they are ready to go home, we will notify you and discuss at-home post-surgery instructions when you arrive.

Dog and Cat Surgical Services

To anticipate the needs of every patient, we offer an array of dog and cat surgical services to mend their injuries, treat their illnesses, and keep them healthy. These services include:

Soft Tissue

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Foreign body removal
  • Gastropexy (prevents bloat)
  • Dental extractions
  • Splenectomy
  • Mass removal
  • Liver lobectomy
  • Cystotomy
  • Abdominal and skin biopsies


  • Anterior cruciate ligament repair
  • Patellar luxation surgery
  • Femoral head osteotomy
  • Amputation
  • Fracture repair


To aid us in soft tissue surgeries that may result in greater blood loss (such as mass removals), we utilize electrocautery to minimize bleeding and increase patient safety. This method involves using a resistant metal electrode that has been heated via a direct current, and applying it to the necessary areas to cauterize blood vessels and prevent infection. This procedure can also be used to help pets with injuries, and is completely safe.