Animal Endoscopy in Irvine, CA

Animal endoscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure we use for diagnosing and treating health issues. It involves carefully inserting a rigid or flexible scope into certain orifices, such as the ear canal, nasal passages, esophagus, trachea, or rectum, and using the camera attached to the scope to check for any abnormal physical signs. At Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital, we are glad to be able to offer animal endoscopy to help guide our treatments and improve the quality of care we provide for our emergency patients.

If your pet needs urgent or critical care, our emergency team is here 24/7 to help.


Primary Uses for Animal Endoscopy

Endoscopy is often used for viewing your pet from the inside without performing exploratory surgery. But we can also use it to obtain biopsy samples (again, without invasive surgery), and in some cases, dislodge and remove foreign bodies if necessary.

What to Expect

If your pet needs an endoscopy, they will be placed under full anesthesia for the procedure. This means no discomfort afterward, and no downtime needed for healing. And if they are able, they can return home the same day once they’ve awakened from the anesthesia.

If you have questions or your pet needs to see a vet, call us at (949) 552-5200.