Exotic Pet Emergency Services at Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital

Emergencies don’t wait, especially for exotic pets, who often only show signs of distress when they have a serious medical problem. Our hospital can provide emergency vet care tailored to the unique needs of your exotic companion when they need it most.

If you think your exotic pet is having an emergency, please call Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital at (949) 552-5200 immediately to notify our team. Let us know what kind of pet you have, and the nature of their emergency. We are generally able to see just about every type of pet, but advance notice will help us prepare in case we need you to come in right away.

The Scope of Our Exotic Pet Emergency Services

We offer a broad range of emergency services designed to meet the distinct needs of your exotic pet:

  • Diagnostic Services: This includes radiological evaluations, ultrasonography, and comprehensive blood work to quickly identify the root cause of your pet’s emergency and how to effectively treat it.
  • Medical Exams: A meticulous assessment to determine the severity of the situation and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Hospitalization: For conditions requiring prolonged observation and care, we offer dedicated hospitalization facilities with experienced staff.
Staff Member Holding Chameleon

Recognizing an Emergency in Your Exotic Pet

Exotic pets, from ferrets and hamsters to geckos and turtles, can hide their illnesses and injuries well. Pay close attention to their appearance and behavior, and reach out to us at (949) 552-5200 if you notice any of the following:

  • Low energy
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Eating less or not eating at all
  • Rapid weight changes
  • Change in color and texture of droppings
  • Difficulty breathing