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Woman At Home With A Boston Terrier Dog

What Can Trigger a Seizure in a Dog?

Know what triggers your dog's seizure and what to do depending on which type he is having: reactive or extracranial, structural or intracranial, or a seizure due to epilepsy.

Low Sodium Dog Food

What Is a Low-Sodium Dog Food?

Low-sodium dog food has less than 1% added sodium and should be recommended by your veterinarian before feeding it to your dog.

Sleeping Cat

Is Cat Sleep Serene or Stress-Filled?

When it comes to sleeping, cats have famously made it an art form. However, while sleeping cats may look peaceful, not all feline sleep is serene. Learn to know what to look for.

Dog Seizures

Dog Seizures: Symptoms and What to DO

While it's scary to see your beloved dog having a seizure, stay calm. We explain what a seizure looks like and best ways to handle it.

Emergency Pet Prep For Exotics

Emergency Pet Prep For Exotics

For practices typically working with only dogs and cats, caring for exotics in an emergency can be intimidating. Determining species to be seen and gathering initial supplies are initial steps to ready your team.