Your Exotic Vet in Irvine Caring for Rabbits, Birds and Pocket Pets

While the pet population we serve consists mainly of dogs and cats, we are happy to provide rabbit vet care and pocket pet vet care, as well. These smaller creatures require just as much responsibility as canines and felines, and we feel it is important to educate their owners on the proper care and management of their pocket-sized family member. We’re pleased to welcome exotic pets to our animal hospital here in Irvine–regardless of their size, rabbits, birds, and pocket pets are just as deserving of quality veterinary services as any other pet.

Boy holding a rabbit in a field: Exotic Pet Care in IrvineRabbit Vet Care

Domesticated rabbits can live 8-12 years, and their diet should consist primarily of loose hay, along with leafy greens such as kale to provide them with much-needed fiber. Ideal treats include fruit, mint, or carrot. We need to see your rabbit at least once a year for an exam to make sure they’re in good health. Rabbits are notorious for hiding their illnesses, so be sure to interact with them daily and alert us to any changes in their behavior.

If you are bringing in your pet rabbit for the first time, we will need to go over housing, grooming, toys, handling, and maintaining a safe environment. Spaying and neutering can prevent certain types of cancer in rabbits, so this may be recommended as well.

Pocket Pet Vet Care

Pocket pets include hamsters, gerbils, fancy rats, mice, chinchillas, ferrets and guinea pigs. Aside from guinea pigs, which can live 4-8 years, rats, hamsters and gerbils usually only live about 2-3 years, so it’s very important that you bring them in to see us for regular checkups. Pocket pets require a lot of care and energy; one should never assume that an animal will be easy to care for simply because they are small. Pocket pets need plenty of space to explore their habitats, and their enclosures must be cleaned frequently. They are also very sensitive to temperature, so their climate should be kept at room temperature.

Your veterinarian will gladly discuss housing, diet, handling and more with you during your initial visit. Remember, it’s always important to do your research and consult credible sources before purchasing a pocket pet. They make wonderful companions, but they depend entirely on you to keep them healthy.

Avian Vet Care

There are many different species of birds that are kept as pets. Depending on their species, they can live for anywhere between 5 years to above 50 years. Their diet can also be variable by species. Generally, birds should be examined yearly to assess for underlying disease. Since most birds are prey species, they are excellent at hiding illness. Most birds are remarkably smart and behavioral issues can become an issue. When you bring your bird to IVVH, we will perform a comprehensive exam and will also discuss housing, social interactions, diet, toys/enrichment, and environment.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the care of your rabbit, bird, or pocket pet, don’t hesitate to call our animal hospital in Irvine at (949) 552-5200. We would love to help you!